Staff Picks: Summertime 2022!


Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix (Raspberry)

With the advance of hot, muggy summer days, staying hydrated is crucial. A scoop of Ultima Electrolyte powder in your water bottle gives you a boost of electrolytes and replaces minerals lost through sweating, with zero sugars and zero carbs. All the flavors are great, but the Raspberry is my personal favorite.


Cambridge Naturals Preworkout Mix - Citrus Flavor

Summertime is sun-time for me, but often I want that 'extra boost'. And I've tried a lot of preworkout powders - some I've liked and some others not so much. One of my favorite go-to's is our Cambridge Naturals Preworkout Powder - NSF Certified for Sport, it's got just enough energy to get me going and keep me going but without the isolated caffeine in many mainstream preworkouts.


Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion

If you're looking for a refreshing and delicious alternative to iced coffee this summer--or to cut the caffeine but still have something bittersweet to sip over ice--give Dandy Blend a try. It's a tasty herbal combo of roasted dandelion root, beet root, rye, barley, and chicory, and it's versatile enough to use as an iced coffee or iced tea substitute in terms of flavor potency. It dissolves so well in cold water that you'd never suspect it was formerly a powder! It's super useful for day trips, hikes, and just wherever. For those among us with a sweet tooth, it pairs well with maple and chocolate syrup in iced Dandy Blend lattes.



Dram Hemp Extract Adaptogenic Sparkling Water

This drink has a lovely blend of apoptogenic herbs to assist you in the ultimate wind down after a long, hot day! It has a nice bubbly refreshing effect and tasty vanilla tones in flavor.


Ruby - Organic Sparkling Hibiscus, Unsweetened

This is new to our cooler, but I just can't get enough of it! I love everything hibiscus, but this is by far my favorite. It's crisp, tart, and refreshing - everything you want on hot summer day. Perfect for beach bev or enjoying outside on the porch!


Counter Culture Coffee, Apollo Whole Bean

Coffee is life, am I right? Summer is life, am I right? If you disagree, please drink your tea in silence! ...Anyways, this year-round coffee is a perfect bright roast for your summer homemade cold brews! Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and is home to many of the best coffees in the world. Inspired by their floral and citrusy notes, Counter Culture uses 100% Ethiopian coffee in Apollo, for a coffee that tastes silky and sweet.



Fat of the Land Strawberry, Hawthorn & Rose Elixir

The Fat of the Land Strawberry, Hawthorn & Rose Elixir is bright and tangy, sweet and sour- a perfect summertime taste combination in my opinion! The apple cider vinegar base provides digestive aid and the rose and hawthorn are great heart tonics. Rose can also help us to stay cool in the summer heat. The honey and strawberry provide sweetness and help us to celebrate strawberry season, which is upon us! Enjoy the tincture on its own as a tasty digestif, add it to sparkling water to create a functional and refreshing beverage, or maybe even add it to some white wine if that's more your speed. There's definitely room to get creative with this delicious elixir.


Death Valley Nails - Tomb of Wrestlers

The perfect summer color! Fun! Bright! Spicy! Goes with Everything!


Klean Kanteen TKPro - Insulated Thermos (Stainless Steel) 16oz

Summertime for me is all about being outdoors as much as possible - time at the beach, hikes on cooler days, and picnics with friends. This Klean Kanteen insulated thermos is perfect for toting an icy cold beverage (be it coffee, electrolytes, or a homemade mocktail or cocktail) on my adventures, and even comes with its own attached insulated mug to pour and sip from while enjoying the scenery.



Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion

Of all the sunscreens, Ursa Major’s Daily Defense Lotion works best for me. Light and clean, it blends in with my skin well and provides the right amount of protection and moisturizing for everyday use throughout the summer. I keep a bottle at home and another in my car!


Gayatri Designs Jewelry - Earrings and Necklaces

This jewelry makes me feel like a sparkly and magical human gracing civilization with my presence. Just kidding, but you get the point. Handmade with intention, each gem chosen with concentration, these pieces are for sure going to make you or your loved one shine this summer. They look especially good under sunlight, their magic sparkling extra bright.


Heart Grown Wild Strawberry Fields Hydrosol

Sweet, tart Strawberry Fields is super rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants and has the perfect pH level to bring hydration and balance to all skin types. It pairs so nicely with Heart Grown Wild's serums (Veil of Love is my favorite) or another plant-based oil of your choice! This seasonal face toner is going to be a staple of mine all summer long and truly, my mouth is watering at the thought of a big bowl of freshly picked organic Vermont strawbs.



Starwest Botanicals Waters - Rose

Rose water truly becomes my go to for all things once the weather heats up! I find it useful for freshening up my hair in between washes, to hydrate my skin, and for soothing rashes or bug bites. Lately when I wake up and my skin is feeling extra dry, I will use a few sprays in lieu of cleansing. The Starwest Botanicals Rose water is also food grade, making it the perfect addition in a nice seasonal beverage... A summer staple with so much versatility!


BjornQorn Truffle Popcorn

It's the same Bjorn Qorn we know and love, but truffle flavored! The truffle salt makes it decadent and savory while still keeping it nice and light. I will be snacking on this all summer long!


The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot Deck & Guidebook

I love this deck. It has vibrant imagery, a booklet for identifying cards, and it comes in a metal case for perfect for travel. Throw it in your beach bag, break it out at a pool party, or bring it camping and use it to communicate the with fairies in the forest! Endless fun!!


Dev (2nd pick!)

Short Creek Farm - Fennel & Citrus Dry Salame

Dust off those charcuterie boards, we have a great addition on our hands (and shelves)! Short Creek's fennel and citrus dry salame is deliciously salty and full of bold flavor. A bright combination of toasted fennel seed, white wine, and lemon/orange zest add a special and tart kick to the delightfully rich pork taste. This one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this summer!