Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide 2022!


Unplugged Essentials Hemp Soak - King (Eucalyptus)

These glorious bath salts contain epsom salts and phytocannabinoids which give me a super relaxed, floaty feeling. I especially like the King variety because it includes eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and clove essential oils which give it an uplifting and energizing feel. Unplugged essentials also makes a Knight variety which has a more relaxation-focused essential oil blend, a Queen variety with a more grounding blend, and the unscented Pawn variety. I like to use these bath salts, light some candles, burn some incense, and meditate while I am in the tub. This has been an AMAZING ritual for me and I highly recommend!


The Nut Free Chocolate Company - Organic Milk Chocolate Covered Smores

I'm not usually much of a sweets person (give me the salt, right?) but these Organic Milk Chocolate Covered Smores from The Nut Free Chocolate Company based in Easton, MA are absolutely amazing. The entire thing is encased on delicious chocolate and is sure to bring joy to any celebration this season. Plus, the Nut Free Chocolate Company is entirely nut-free and works to make sure their supply chain is too! PLUS they're a local woman-owned business! What's not to love?


Fly By Jing - Sichuan Chili Crisp

I'm late to the game with this product, but I've been telling everyone I know who likes spicy food about the Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp. I truly believe it is the perfect condiment and I have yet to find a dish that it doesn't enhance. My personal favorite is on eggs, roasted vegetables, and tofu. My husband puts it on vanilla ice cream. We are a household obsessed! Buy this for the spice loving people in your life... and maybe for yourself too!


Orgaid Amaranth Squalane Oil

Organic! Vegan! Doctor formulated! These are 3 things I really appreciate when considering what to put on my skin. If you are looking for supple, glowing skin, this is the oil for you. This simple 4-ingredient mixture is lightweight and non-greasy, making it oily skin and acne-prone skin friendly. This is truly the perfect gift for someone looking to elevate their skincare regimen in this dry winter weather while supporting small, honest, AAPI-owned companies.


Andes Gifts Blended Glittens

I'm the kind of person who is always thrilled to receive gloves as a present. These alpaca-blend 'glittens' may have a silly name, but they're serious business. They can be worn as a conventional mitten, or, with the flap buttoned back, as stylish fingerless gloves. Also amazing: they're handmade in Peru and Bolivia by a company that promotes long-term dependable employment opportunities for artisans. They're perfect for those winter days when you want to keep your hands warm but still be able to type on your phone, and they come in a bunch of gorgeous colors too!


Apis Apotheca Facial Cleanser - Golden Milk Balm

I have told my sister, my mother, my best friends, and everyone that asks me about facial products in the store about this line. I always had very finicky and stubborn acne growing up. No matter what I did or tried it was relentless. I had acne scarring, weird face texture, and forehead wrinkles. Before I even started working here, my best friend told me that I needed to try switching to a gentle balm to clean my face, and stop using such astringent things. I walked into CN and grabbed this on a whim. Then when I started this job a month later, I purchased the entire line and my skin has never been better. It has also dramatically changed my twin sisters skin, who has had an even longer battle with cystic acne than me. It goes such a long way, and you can purchase their refill sachets and continue to reuse the glass bottle. Plus the smell of the Flower Sap and Resin smell so lovely, it feels like such a nice treat to myself in the morning and night.


Nopalera Cactus Flower Hibiscus Exfoliant

This fragrant and soothing exfoliant makes an excellent present for anyone in your life with skin--so, hopefully everyone! The iconic nopal cactus--also known as the prickly pear--is the inspiration for Nopalera and the primary feature in their body care product line. It really shines in combination here with delicious smelling hibiscus, grapefruit, and jasmine extracts. You won't even need to moisturize after using it, so it really does it all! Not to mention the beautiful packaging and design, all of which make it feel like it could be a special gift any time of year.... or right now!


Beeswax Pillar Candle by Beverly Bees

During this dark and chilly time of the year I am burning through all my candles(haha) at an alarming rate! This candle is pure beeswax, which not only smells enchanting, but burns slower. Beverly bees is a small, woman founded, local company that does a ton of work to save bees. They are doing their part to SAVE THE BEES by offering removal services in Massachusetts and also offering beekeeping classes and services. I love supporting companies like this and its an added bonus that their products make me feel so cozy. :)


Stadler Form Aromatherapy Diffusers

This is my go-to gift for any occasion, since people always want a good smelling home! The Stadler Form diffusers are really well made, super easy to fill with water and 100% essential oils (only 100%, nothing diluted in carrier oils), super easy to clean (no cracks you can't reach), and they last a really long time. We've been using the same one in the store for 4 or so years! One thing I must mention since I got a cat, please be careful with which oils and how much oils you diffuse in your homes. The little lungs of the cats are said not to be able to handle the oil particles that are emmitted from diffusing.


Organic Bath Co Peacefull Body Butter

This whipped body butter is the perfect gift for night time bathers and lavender lovers alike. I love using this body butter by Organic Bath Co. to wind down or enhance an at home spa night. The lavender scent is truly so peace-inducing and the whipped texture makes this shea butter based lotion easy to apply and extra hydrating for extra dry winter skin. Plus this brand is Black owned and based in Charlestown, MA so you can be sure you're supporting a great local business.


Nat + Noor Lu Lu Sky Hair Clips

Ever since I cut my hair above my shoulders, these have been my go-to functional hair accessories! Perfect for keeping hair out of my face and pinning up the straggly pieces of a ponytail. They're extremely versatile - comfy enough to wear while lounging around the house, but fancy enough for a night out. They have a strong grip on fine hair too, and come in a variety of colors! These would be the perfect gift for anyone that has shorter hair!


Saffiyah Botanicals Curls Quencher Coconut Milk Nectar

My wavy hair has never been great at holding a curl especially a day after washing it. This curl quenching spray has been life changing. I can use it on wet hair after washing OR spray my dry hair to bring my hair back to life. It is infused with herbal extracts and essential oils AND best of all, Saffiyah is a local, WOC-owned brand.


Axiology Vegan Multi Use Balmie Rose

The best 3 in one gift for any makeup lover! I adore this product because it's perfect for the days you aren't sure what to put on your face and always creates a cohesive look. Their packaging makes it easy to throw in your bag or pocket for any touch ups needed throughout the day. It's great for any level of makeup artist! Rose is my personal fave, but we have many options ranging from neutral shimmers to a nude plum.


Nut Free Chocolate Factory - Dark Chocolate

This local, family owned chocolate company has made my all time favorite chocolate bar. Ever. Seriously, I can't get enough! I love dark chocolate, but sometimes it can be a bit too dry. Thankfully this chocolate bar is not only the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, but it's also incredibly creamy. Every bite just melts in my mouth and leaves me wanting more! I could eat two bars in one sitting; it's that good! I can't wait to include them in my gifts this year for a little treat. I feel good knowing that these chocolate bars are not only nut free, but they have such clean, simple ingredients as well.


Evanhealy Kit - The Oil & Water Calming Ritual

Evan Healy has formulated some incredibly clean organic products that have absolutely changed my skin care routine. They are meant to simulate the cycles of our skin by mimicking the natural sebum that forms (the oil) and our sweat (the water) by combining an oil serum and hydrosol, or as they call it a hydrosoul! The hydrosoul helps the oil to sink in and together they provide a new kind of skin care ritual that leaves you feeling in touch with your body and the plants you are using. For only $14.95 it makes an easy gift paired with a candle or alone as a stocking stuffer!


Kefla Dark & Salty CBD Morsel (25mg CBD)

The number one thing we all could be doing during the holidays, religious or not, is to chill out. Just CHILL! Rise CBD rich morsels contain a perfect 25mg per package, packing the perfect punch to make your holiday a relaxing day. By the way, they taste great and they fit well into a stocking.


Health From The Sun MigraSoothe Roll On

I had a really bad headache one morning and was recommended to try this product and I'm obsessed. I don't leave the house without it! Peppermint & Lavender essential oils helps ease the tension that builds up around my face throughout the day. It's recommended to roll around your temples, but I also like rolling it behind my ears and under my nose to relieve sinus tension and stress. Perfect for the changing weather or on-the-go stress relief!


Layo Rosemary Mint Body Butter

If you are a sucker for herbal-infused body moisturizer, Layo Rosemary Mint Body Butter is the one for you! This oil-based body moisturizer contains mango, shea and cocoa butter that all help combat extreme dry-cracked skin caused by the brutal winter air. This body butter doesn’t just smell like herbal evergreen rosemary oil, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which aids in blood circulation. As a result leaves your skin feeling supple, cool with a touch of tingling freshness.



Brightland Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Awake

Olive Oil is the gift that keeps on giving - and there's no wonder that Brightland in particular made Oprah's 2022 Favorite Things holiday gifts list! This "bold and robust cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil" - traceable to a California family farm - is perfect for all the wintery and holiday gathering foods - roasting, sauteing, soups, stews, and dipping large hunks of bread into. Brightland is also BIPOC and Women-Owned! Gift some of this delicious EVOO to everyone from your mom to your friends and even to yourself!