Staff Picks: Autumn 2022


Natural Stacks Ciltep (Neuro Fuel) Natural Nootropic

As I gear up for a challenging and exciting fall semester, I am happy to have Neurofuel to support my focus and motivation. Natural Stacks uses natural ingredients that work as fuel for neurotransmitters, supporting greater signaling between brain cells. This supplement helps me to combat the brain fog, fatigue, and procrastination that can come with the added demands of the semester. With Neurofuel, I can approach my schoolwork with more creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm to tackle my assignments and get the most out of my semester.


Forest School for Grown Ups by Richard Irvine

A newer book to CN shelves this season is this adorable guide to exploring the wisdom of the woods! This book balances a surplus of practical knowledge as well as blurbs of myth and folklore. From map reading, foraging & basket weaving to forest spells, mythical forest beings (and so much in between) this book has it all. A really sweet gift for your nature loving friends (or yourself!), this is a lovely book that anyone would be happy to have in their collection. Come see for yourself!


Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Spring Tip Botanical Tea

Juniper Ridge's Douglas Fir Spring Tip tea is for sure going to be a staple in my coffee and tea cabinet this fall. Its bright and earthy flavor is both grounding and soothing; drinking it reminds me of a nice autumnal hike in the woods! Just breathing in its steam makes you feel like you've been transported to a wooded trail deep in the pacific northwest...


Mad Hippie Face Cream and Vitamin C Serum

Believe the hype!! Almost everyone at BL has heard me gush over Mad Hippie and their products so I had to pick these for my staff pick! I have been using the Mad Hippie Face Cream for almost 2 years now and it does not disappoint, no matter what time of year. I have sensitive skin and personally struggle with sensory issues with skin care when products are too sticky, oily or feel thick on my skin. This face cream absorbs fast while also keeping my skin feeling moisturized all day, even when the weather starts to cool down and conditions outside get harsher. And I don't know how they engineered the pump so perfect but you're able to use every last drop in that bottle, so you really get every dollar's worth! I also started using the Vitamin C Serum in my daily routine recently and I love the added brightness I have noticed in my skin. As someone with extremely fair skin I appreciate how all of Mad Hippie's products are protecting me from further sun damage all year long.


Everyone Body Lotion Unscented and Just Soaps Oatmeal Honey Bar Soap

Fall, to me, means getting back to the basics and inviting a grounding level of self care and routine back into my life after a fun-filled summer. Part of how I do that is through body care. The Everyone lotion is nourishing while also being lightweight and quick to absorb which makes it perfect the lotion as we transition into the colder months! The Oatmeal Honey bar soap from Just Soaps is another staple in my cold weather skincare. Oatmeal is known for its hydrating properties, so it helps keep my skin extra soft this time of year! Just Soaps are also 100% package free!


Seemore Chicken Kale Pesto Sausage

Seemore Meats & Veggies founded by a 4th generation butcher, currently a women owned business, that uses humanely raised meat, and local farm vegetables gluten free ingredients, to create the most deeeeelicious sausages. My favorite flavor is their Chicken Chili Verde. These sausages pack a powerful punch, you can really taste the spicy green chilis & fresh cilantro. I buy 2 packages of these sausages at a time, keeping 1 in the freezer for back up. They can quickly be diced, sliced, or cooked whole to create a quick eggs & sausage breakfast or dinner. They make a great taco, or nacho topping, grilled like a hot dog - the possibilities are endless and yummy! You can find the variety of Seemore sausages we carry in our cooler case.


Organic Bath Co. Skin Cream Naked

For me, the changing of the seasons brings on the dreaded cracked and dry hands. Organic Bath Co.'s skin cream is just the solution I needed! I love it as a hand cream specifically, but it's great on any other dry areas (feet, elbows, etc.) It's fragrance free and doesn't irritate my sensitive and temperamental skin, but has a pleasant mild aroma from it's amazing ingredients, cocoa butter and rosehip oil. This skin cream is beautifully rich and creamy, but non-greasy and absorbs quickly, which is key. Out of the many hand creams I have tried, this one is by far my favorite.


Mikes Hot Honey

The BEST thing I've ever bought in my life... maybe. I've been putting it on everything recently such as avocado toast, tomato's, and even vanilla oat milk ice cream with a tiny bit of sea salt. It's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy to add to any dish!


Wooden Spoon Herbs Fire Cider

The changing seasons can really put our bodies through the ringer increasing our chances of getting a bug. This is the time when I start pulling out all the stops to boost my immune system as we head into the colder months which is where fire cider comes into play. A folk remedy used for centuries that may be used for a variety of issues including as a immune boost, for digestion, and for warming the body. The Wooden Spoon Herbs Fire Cider is certified organic made with apple cider vinegar, honey and a variety of herbs and vegetables including: ginger, garlic, onion, horseradish, rosemary, thyme, and cayenne fruit. I like to dilute it in hot water as a warming tonic but it can also be mixed with sparkling water or used in a salad dressing! Yumm!


Upstate Elevator CBG Gummies

These tasty gummies combine CBD with CBG (Cannabigerol) in a convenient 20mg dosage. CBG, which is often called 'the mother of all cannabinoids', is being studied for its aid in mood support as well as its potential anti-inflammatory benefits. I like it for the uplifting, energizing effect it has on me--it's great for when I want to get the benefits of CBD without the sedative effects of many other products. As a Supplements Buyer for Cambridge Naturals, I've tried almost every CBD product we carry, and this is by far my favorite.


Soul Chai

Fall is here and I am craving all things warm and spicy. Enter Soul Chai. Aside from being one of the most delicious Chai blends I've ever had, Soul Chai uses mindful sourcing and sustainable practices. Also... it comes in the cutest, most eye catching, reusable little tin.


Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

What is autumn without pumpkin-themed goodies?? This clean (and affordable!) face mask has organic pumpkin, honey, and glycolic acid that help soothe, brighten, and exfoliate the skin. It smells so nice and tingles so goooood. If you are hesitant to commit to the full-sized jar, we also have little 1-time-use mask "pods" you could try!


Bulk Nettle leaf (Local, Organic)

As we re-enter allergy season, one of my favorite daily rituals comes into play - a morning cup of nettle tea. Nettles, in addition to being incredibly nutritive and mineral-rich, can support the body's immune system to reduce its histaminic responses to seasonal allergens, especially when taken regularly. I particularly like our bulk nettles sourced from Foster Farm Botanicals in East Calais, Vermont. Steep in hot water with a tea bag or infuser of your choice, and mix in a spoonful of raw local honey for extra allergy support and tastiness!


Cambridge Naturals Passionflower Tincture

As we move from summer to fall, many of us transition from play mode to work mode which at times can be stress inducing. As the to-do lists ramp up, I often find myself ruminating on what I need to get done the next day as I'm trying to fall asleep. I've been taking passionflower (also known as maypop) in the evenings to help me unwind and slow the mental chatter so that I can fall asleep easier and wake up up feeling more rested.


Brown and Coconut Hydrating Face Oil

It's that time of year again, where the air gets a little more crisp and your skin gets a bit more dry. But have no worry,treat your skin with Brown and Coconut’s Hydrating Face Oil! Whether you have reactive-sensitive skin to oily-combination skin type; this silky fast absorbing facial oil is ultra lightweight, and provides instant nourishment to your skin. Transport your senses into Autumn with this neroli-manuka oil blend that helps soothe, and aid with hyperpigmentation. This aromatherapeutic oil will elevate your facial care regimen leaving skin dewy and radiant.



Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Drink Powder

This is the highest quality, most nutritious, greens powder on the market. As you can tell by list of ingredients that takes up more than half of the label, it’s packed with a multitude of beneficial nutrients for body and mind. I drink mine on its own in a glass of cold water or in a smoothie. Pro-tip: store it in the freezer to keep as fresh as possible!


Good Morning, Good Night Deck

Are you as baffled as I am by how quickly Summer passed us by? What do you mean we only have four months until 2023?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN 2010 WAS OVER A DECADE AGO?!? It's tough to remember to slow down and take care of yourself when life moves so fast, but the Good Morning, Good Night Deck is here to help! These 78 double-sided cards with mindfulness exercises, yoga poses, and self-care tips are perfect for anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves.


Carlson Cod Liver Oil (Lemon) 8.4 fl oz

The natural food industry doesn't call Cold Liver oil a super food but, I do! Why might you ask? Cod Liver Oil is high on Omega-3, Vitamin A & D, EPA, and DHA making it a nutrient powerhouse supplement. Daily use may support brain health, heart health, immunity, and a healthy inflamation response. What more could you ask for? Try it on your kids! My son doesn't bat an eye at the Lemon flavor. Pro Tip: Storing it in the fridge gives every dose a crisp experience.


True Grace One Daily Probiotic

As we head into the season of hearty, delicious meals and more time spent indoors, my digestive and immune health are top of mind! I absolutely love this probiotic from our new vendor partner, True Grace. As a company, they put high quality sourcing, manufacturing, and transparency at the forefront of their decision making - and I love seeing the exact percentages of each probiotic strain contained within their products. The One Daily is a blend of prebiotic fiber and 90 billion count of 12 probiotic strains to support gut and immune health. It's shelf-stable and gluten-free, vegetarian, and non-GMO verified.


Rose Cordial Syrup by Portland Syrups

I loved this product right away. The smell, the flavor and the delicate color that adds to my rose mocktails! It has just the right sweetness and a touch of tartness that enhances the rose flavor. Made from Rose Petals, Rose Hips, Rose Buds and Real Cane Sugar. No artificial flavors or colors. You could definitely add it to seltzer water, smoothies, sparkling water, pancakes, drizzle on fruit/ice cream and cocktails. I regularly add it to my special delightful signature mocktail: in a mason jar I delicately smash organic peaches, blueberries and mint leaves. Then I add "Cucumber Seltzer by Something and Nothing", coconut water, 1 or 2 tablespoons of "Portland Syrups Rose Cordial", a hint of ceylon cinnamon and a couple of ice cubes.

P.S. I garnish it with dried rose buds to add visual impact and flavor. You will wow your friends.