Scorpio Season Tea

By Alyssa P

CN Buyer, herbalism student, lunar Scorpio

We just entered Scorpio season which for me always signals that we have officially transitioned into fall. Scorpios tend to embody metaphorical death and rebirth within themselves, constantly changing and evolving throughout their lives. Oftentimes, they unintentionally challenge others around them to do the same as well. It’s no coincidence that this sign occurs at the same time as autumn, when the nature is also preparing to go into hibernation mode for the winter before re-emerging in the spring. Scorpios usually find themselves going to the depths of their emotions and have a talent for always seeking out the truth. The flavor of this tea is as deep as a Scorpio’s emotional world, with strong flavors of smoke, berry, and pungent rosemary. The smokiness comes from Lapsang Souchong, an unmistakably unique black tea. Also featured in this blend are rosemary, damiana, and hibiscus. Rosemary is traditionally associated with Scorpios because it is a hearty herb that is still able to thrive in the at times harsh conditions of fall. Rosemary also provides cognitive support, helping to keep your mind as sharp as a Scorpio’s. Damiana is a great herb for sexual health, as Scorpio rules this part of our bodies. Hibiscus provides a balancing berry-like flavor and makes this tea a gorgeous deep ruby color. Like a Scorpio, this tea can be a little intimidating at first but ultimately provides a feeling of deep comfort, depth, and freshness.




  • Boil 8 oz of water.

  • Pour hot water over tea and herbs.

  • Cover and let steep for 4 minutes.

  • Strain tea or remove teabag, sip and enjoy!

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