Sam’s Spooky Season Picks

Sam, our former resident official Goth Maestro, was generous enough to share with us their favorite picks for this spookiest of seasons. We hope their picks inspire you to celebrate this All Hallows’ Eve in style!

Eze Nri by Triple O Polish

  • Black nail polish is a must-have for those who are spooky at heart, and Triple O Polish does a tremendous job with their small-batch offering: a smooth, clean formula free of 13 chemicals of concern found in conventional polish.. While decay and corruption might be very gothic concepts to consider, one might wish to avoid formaldehyde on one's fingertips while doing so. For extra darkness, top this with Triple O's mattifying top coat, to turn the black polish into a cavernous shade that absorbs the light.

Fruit Bat & Pomegranate Card by Little Gold Fox Designs

  • Bats are emblematic of both autumn and the outsider - misunderstood pollinators, communal nocturnal mammals that have become a symbol of the eerie and uncanny. Paired here with a lushly-colored pomegranate, which recalls Persephone's chthonic autumnal journey to the Underworld, this design is both gorgeous and gothic as heck. This would make a lovely greeting card for someone close to your dark heart, or a gorgeous ornament for your wall.

Cinnamon Clove Bar Soap by Just Soap

  • Don't let the simple appearance of this soap fool you - this isn't your average bar. The scent is enchantingly spicy and dark, calling up associations of both pumpkin spice and evenings spent outside Xmortis in Cambridge (if you know, you know). The formula is cleansing, but not drying, due to the blend of olive, coconut, and ethically-sourced palm oil; as an added bonus, the coarse-ground spices provide a gentle, non-abrasive scrub. Soothing for both a mo(u)rning person's early shower, or a nocturnal creature's late-night soak.

Absinthe Dark Chocolate Bar by Endorfin Foods

  • Absinthe has long been a staple of those fascinated by the demimonde, perhaps most emblematically captured in author Ernest Hemingway's favored champagne cocktail Death In The Afternoon. For a taste of the realm beyond the veil, without the delirium of the actual liquor, try this chocolate bar: a piquant blend of fennel, anise, and mugwort in a rich base of vegan coconut milk dark chocolate. A square of this late at night makes a dreamy treat.

Lapsang Souchong Bulk Tea by Mountain Rose Herbs

  • Richly smoky and smoothly tannic, this tea is a marvelous pick-me-up after a night of dark dancing, or as a companion cup on a brisk morning's graveyard walk. The scent and taste call up autumn bonfires; to make this truly a cup of distilled October, follow staff member Amber's lead and add a teaspoon each of cinnamon chips and whole cloves when you brew.

Cute but Spooky Sticker by Graphic Anthology

  • I'm almost tempted to let this one speak for itself - a skeptical but adorable black cat sticker with a wholesome, Halloween-y thesis stated front and center, perfect for adding a bit of lowkey goth flair to a water bottle, notebook, laptop cover, or embalming kit. (Maybe not that last one.)