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Our Story

Cambridge Naturals was founded in 1974 by Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl (then 24 years old). Our mission is to provide the best choices in natural wellness products (nutritional supplements, clean body care, organic foods, and healthy lifestyle supplies) and offer an amazing customer experience to our local community. We are committed to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels, and to donating a portion of our profits to social and environmental organizations that impact our community. As part of our vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world, we strive to partner with businesses owned by women and historically-marginalized folks. We offer a curated selection of wonderful products, just for you!

We are a local family-owned business serving the community and are members of Cambridge Local First & Somerville Local First. We are certified as a Sustainable Business Leader by SBN Massachusetts and in 2014, we completed a rigorous assessment process and were certified as a B Corporation, joining ranks with businesses around the globe promoting business models that inherently support all stakeholders: our customers, employees, suppliers, local community, and the planet. We remained part of the B Corporation community through 2020 - shifting gears in 2021 to focus our time and energy to upholding those same values, while directing the funds and energy for recertification towards other partners in our community. We take pride in sharing this story, as well as continuing to improve the way we operate and ethically grow our business — especially as we transition into the second generation of family ownership.

Our Core Values:


Treat our customers, suppliers, delivery people and each other with dignity, respect and appreciation.


Think like a customer. Make every person’s experience at CN as meaningful and enjoyable as you would wish yours to be.


Lead with a desire to deepen your understanding of the products, people and processes that make up Cambridge Naturals.


Earn an honest profit, pay honest wages based on our success individually and collectively. Promote values of doing business ethically with strategies to grow in thoughtful and principled ways.


Keep our business beautiful and sparkling at all times: neat, clean and organized so that our customers feel peaceful and energized in their experience.


Work hard, have fun, encourage laughter.

Cambridge Naturals is located at 23 White Street in Cambridge, MA and 92 Guest Street in Brighton, MA.
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