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Living with the Moon with Brittany Wood Nickerson (Online Event)

Living with the Moon

The cycle of the moon is reflected in everything around us and all that we do. The constant ebb and flow of birth, growth, descent, and renewal is constant within us and outside of us in the natural forces of the earth and the seasons, as well as in the social networks and communities we call home. Brittany will discuss the benefits of connecting with the lunar cycle, the emotional and spiritual elements of each moon phase, and how the phases correspond to the seasons of the earth and the phases of life. When we live a life of conscious connection with the moon we can embrace the wisdom of the life cycle to help create a life of meaning, peace, and purpose.

Brittany Wood Nickerson (she/her) is an herbalist, astrologer, author, educator, and kitchen enthusiast. Her approach emphasizes personal empowerment and evolution, healing personal and cultural narratives, holistic self-care, and intentional living. Brittany is the founder and primary instructor of Thyme Herbal, where she offers intuitive astrological counseling and courses on a variety of topics related to nature-based cycles, lifeways, and personal and community transformation. She is the author of Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen, The Herbal Homestead Journal, Sacred & Mysterious, and Cooking for Winter Health Wellness, as well as a series of herbal medicine posters and an annual moon calendar made in collaboration with artist and illustrator Chelsea Granger.

You can learn more about Brittany through Thyme Herbal