January 2020
WBUR - New Year, New Minimum Wage: Some Mass. Businesses Welcome The Increase

“We saw our customers really respond to [the wage increase],'“ said Kanter, the company's co-owner. “They felt good about coming to shop with us because they knew we were treating our employees really well.” Cambridge Naturals, which sells health and wellness products, has 32 employees. Kanter said sales increased 11% in the year after the company raised its starting pay.

April 2019
BOston Globe - I broke up with plastic, and you can, too

“Bidding adieu to the harmful material seems impossible. But a plastic-free movement is gaining traction across America. Throughout my life, I have purposely avoided engaging in elaborate public breakups. But as I arrive in Brighton one evening in March, I know I have to put an end to things. I’ve had enough. I am sitting with 25 other souls in Cambridge Naturals, each of us strategizing exactly how we plan to dump our toxic relationships.”

FORBES.COM - How Cambridge Naturals Jettisoned Half Its Business, Held On To Its Beliefs And Survived

Organic and natural foods and personal products retailer Cambridge Naturals, founded in 1974, rode the 1970s’ never-ending wave of enthusiasm for all things organic and holistic, and that wave never seemed to crest.

June 2018

"If a family business is expanding after 40 years, you know they’re doing something right. And Cambridge Naturals, which is opening a second location at Boston Landing this summer, does a lot of things right."

May 2017

Brand Loyalty and Longevity: A Natural Health and Wellness Story. Scroll half way down for our story on CVO Michael Kanter's effort to raise our starting wage to a living wage, and lead the industry by example.

April 29, 2015
New York Times: Health Food Retailers Make Way for the Next Generation

"Growing up as the youngest of three children, Emily Kanter vividly remembers the countless dinner conversations with her parents, Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl, about the couple’s natural products retail shop in Cambridge, Mass."

October 7, 2014
CNBC: The midterms: Four red states to consider higher minimum wages

[Michael] Kanter already pays his workers well above minimum wage, at $12 an hour, and said it has never crossed his mind to lower wages. "It helps retain employees to pay them more money," he said. And content employees creates a positive ripple effect for the company."They're more likely to stay with us; they're happier on the job and communicate the value of our business to customers," Kanter said. "It's a valuable multiplier effect."

January 2019
WBUR Here & Now - One Mycologist On Why Fungi Are 'Critical For The Survival Of Life On This Planet'

Cambridge Naturals is featured as one of co-host Robin Young’s favorite local stores. She interviews expert mycologist Paul Stamets.

May 2018
Forbes magazine - SmALL GIants 2018

"Back in the 1970s, Michael Kanter says, there were many stores in the Boston area selling health and wellness products. Today Cambridge Naturals is among the oldest, thriving on customers who seek more than just a transaction."

March 2017
Natural products expo west

Michael Kanter speaks on Cambridge Naturals' efforts to raise our starting hourly wage and the national campaign to raise the minimum wage.

MARCH 3, 2015
VIDEO Interview with MegaFood's CEO Robert Craven at Natural Products EXPO West

Michael, Emily and Caleb discuss Cambridge Naturals' transition into second generation ownership with Megafood's CEO Robert Craven for his website Combat Mass Slippage.

November 12, 2013
Kitsap Penninsula Business Journal: “Bainbridge lecture series presents Taking Local to the Next Level”

What is “slow food?” “Legitimate local?” And how do they create off-the-charts importance of farmers markets to your health and well-being? Michael Kanter, whose title is Chief Visionary Officer of Cambridge Naturals, will talk about family health, natural products and community-based businesses in the next BASE (Building A Sustainable Economy) lecture series on Bainbridge Island.

February 1, 2012
New Hope 360 Blog, “Retail tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance”

Running a natural foods store can be extremely rewarding but challenging at the same time. As we council our customers on the best ways to improve their lives we need to take care to do the same for ourselves. Here is what I practice to stay “sane” amidst the daily chaos and complexity of retail.